Analgesie, Sedierung und Delirmanagement in der Intensivmedizin

Sedierung und Analgesie sind das tägliche Brot von all jenen von uns, die intensivmedizinisch tätig sind. Die aktuell wichtigste Leitlinie hierzu ist die DAS-Leitlinie in der aktuellen Version aus 2015. Für unsere ICU´s habe ich die wichtigsten zum Einsatz kommenden Medika auf einer Seite zusammengefasst. Die für mich wichtigsten Punkte: Analgesie geht vor Sedierung. Nur ein […]

What do you really know about coagulation at this very moment?

What do you really know about coagulation at this very moment? You know: Coagulation – the thing with the y-shaped coagulation-cascade containing a lot of factors and co-factors that stop bleeding… To be honest with you, when I started with my residency in anesthesiology and critical care I had no idea! Really, NO IDEA! There were […]

What do YOU carry – privat equipment of an Austrian Anaesthesiologist and Emergency Physician

Years ago I carried an emergency backpack with me. It was a present, looked really professional and cool  but it was so huge that there was nearly no space for additional luggage in my car trunk when the backpack was placed there. It was stuffed with a lot of pricy tools as a pulsoxymeter, a […]

What do YOU carry? Austrian Anesthesiologist

As I am a nerd like Martin when it comes to gadgets in the prehospital setting, I am kind of  addicted to simplicity in the hospital setting. I´m Working as Anesthesiologist and Intensiv Care Doctor in an Austrian Hospital Cluster situated in Graz (2 sites, 1034 Beds). Our team is also responsible for the innerhospital […]