What do you really know about coagulation at this very moment?

What do you really know about coagulation at this very moment? You know: Coagulation – the thing with the y-shaped coagulation-cascade containing a lot of factors and co-factors that stop bleeding… To be honest with you, when I started with my residency in anesthesiology and critical care I had no idea! Really, NO IDEA! There were […]

Pediatric dosing – table

For many of us that mostly treat adult patients, the pediatric emergency and especially dosing is a challenge. While most medication and dosing can be looked up using various tools, in really emergent situations like CPR, peri-arrest situations and emergency airways (e.g. in trauma) you need to have your doses ready and fast. Also, you need […]

Why we often act against better evidence although we know better…

This recent article from Brateanu A et al. in the „Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine“ tries to answer the question why we often act against better evidence by using the complete blood count before anesthesia as an example (we have all experienced that with pre-op outpatients: Healthy 18-years-olds who have to bring an absolute useless […]

Trendelenburg or Reverse Trendelenburg, is that the question!?

Positioning during RSI is a controversially discussed topic. There are arguments for and against head down or head up positioning on both sides, evidence however is very sparse. There are no recommendations neither in the German-speaking, nor in the big European, North American or Australian Societies for Anesthesia.   I found two recommendations in German-speaking countries: Recommendation […]