(From a friend of mine who is a emergency physician working both in the ED and on the street – and as HEMS doc).
I love it „onion-style“ depending on the wheater…
HEMS uniform
Protective Wear:
Functional Wear developed for HEMS Missions:  in combination with a high-visible vest
Depending on the wheather condition, I wear a Polo-Shirt or a black fleece as needed.
Left chest pocket:
Right chest pocket:
Some money (about 20,-)
Right chest pockets:
Pens, 2ml syringe, needel, small box with Ketamin 100mg/2ml for Ketanest i.m.
Right pocket:
Left chest pocket:
Stethoscope Littmann Master SE
Left pocket:
removabel notes, ear-plugs. Ped-dosing-table, important phone-numbers and similar notes.
Right upper pocket:
Right knee pocket:
iPhone, pen, permanent marker
Right leg:
2 Israeli Bandages, 2 Tourniquets
Left knee:
diagnostik lamp, Maglite Mini, Rubber Stamp, vbm pocket-Introducer, 11er-Blade scalpel
Left Leg:
2 rescue blankets, 2 „Dreiecktuch“
A very cheap „holster“ I bought in South Africa 15 years ago, Equipment for mass casualties with 5 Guedl, 15 sterile Kompresses, scissors, 2 big permanent marker
For Sea-Rescue-Missions I additionally used to carry a ready-heat-system, sun-glasses and special sailing-gloves.
In mass casualties or any kind of large-scale event I used to carry a walkie-talkie with additional head-set on the belt at my back.
Also, a whistle – to gain attention in chaos situations, also when being threatened.

3 thoughts on “What do YOU carry? Nerdy german HEMS doctor

  1. Hey, were do you get those clothes (Pants&Jacket). These aren´t from Mindwear in my opinion. I think they are from Pfanner or something else… do you know a source of supply?

    • Quick translation for thomas’ comment: It’s from mindwear, at mindwear.at you’ll find the catalogue and webshop.

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