One of my most loved tools for working as a prehospital emergency doctor is the Victorinox Rescuetool.

It’s primary use (for me) is cutting clothing, especially in CPR-situations or major trauma / polytrauma.

What I really like about it: It features a very sharp knife, that’s shaped to avoid injury. It is small and can be carried in a pocket or on the belt without being a big nuisance when not used. The overall quality is amazing (swiss made).

Also, I seem to be a lot quicker with cutting (even larger necklaces) than the large rescue scissors like the Robin Safety Boy or the Leatherman Raptor.


The Rescuetool is also a fully features multi tool and can help with minor maintenance.


(Disclaimer: I did not receive any testing units of any of the features products – I just write about what I like when working in the prehospital field.)

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