Here it comes – our first edition of “Learning on the Loo“. A short summary of critical care topics, on one page – put it up in our departments toilet (or at home of course).

Volume 1 is on Pulmonary embolism, based on the 2014 Guides of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).

English Version – Pulmonary Embolism EN

German Version – Lungenembolie Deutsch  DE

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-30 um 12.15.17



4 thoughts on “Learning on the Loo – Toilet paper #1: Pulmonary embolism

  1. cool summary. Usually we don’t stick to that guideline and only put patients on lysis (in obstructive shock) on the ICU. Often you have the constallation of dilated right ventricle, positive troponin and one point on sPESI but the patients are doing just fine. There I think it’s all about the overall impression of condition of the patient.

    • Thanks Senad!
      In my hospital we usually place those intermediate-high patients on an intermediate care unit (IMC) where drops in blood pressure, SpO2 or tachycardia can be rapidly recognized.

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