by Eugenia – Maria Muresan

Being an Emergency Medicine physician in Romania has its perks when it comes to working in the prehospital setting: you’re leading a team of 4 as part of a mobile intensive care unit (nurse and 3 paramedics (firefighters and/ or trained student volunteers) or EM resident physician, nurse and 2 paramedics). Considering this, the physician has the option of travelling light as duties and devices are shared (that is unless you are during your first shifts and you’d like to have everything stashed in your pockets).

Uniform: my SMURD uniform is in one piece, really useful during winter time but not so user friendly during the hot summer time.

Right upper pocket: blue pen and penlight for reflexes.

Right trouser pocket: spare gloves.

Left trouser pocket: work phone (needed for advising the EMTs, part of the telemedicine approach).

Right knee pocket: self designed notebook with medication, dosing (paediatric included).

Left knee pocket: personal phone (with medical applications).

Stethoscope: around the neck, I use the 3MTM Littmann ® Classic II Pediatric Stethoscope (it’s very common to have paediatric cases and the size of this particular one allows you to easily use it also on adult patients).

Boots: waterproof is a must, my choice is Lytos.

The helmets have high power head lights, the rescue tool and bougie are at hand in the ambulance, the nurse or the 1st line paramedic normally carries branulas.

Things are probably about to change as the implementation of an electronic real time data transmission program is prepped, with the prehospital teams having at their disposal a tablet on which to fill in the patient’s chart and the ED having access to viewing the prehospital data.

by Eugenia – Maria Muresan, MD, PhD student
Emergency Medicine resident physician Cluj-Napoca, Romania



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