In german prehospital medicine a lot is changing – the training of our paramedics is getting much more intensive (2 years -> 3 years), they will get more competencies regarding giving medications and doing interventions. While we do have a doctor-based system with about 1000 physician-staffed rapid response vehicles (and >50 helicopters with physicians) in the country, I am very much in favor of intensified paramedic training – especially in critical situations I am extremely happy for as many capable helping hands as there are.


I am also really happy with my little tools – and another big favorite of mine is the „pocket introducer“. Intubation via bougie is not very widely spread in prehospital german EM, most ambulances do not carry them regularly. From my ICU days I really came to like bougie intubation, especially together with a video laryngoscope. Therefore I was glad to discover the „pocket introducer“, a folding bougie I can carry in my uniform vest all the time. It’s easy to use, lightweight and can be a life saver – in truest sense of the world.


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Pocket Introducer

2 thoughts on “Favorite Tool #2 – folding bougie

    • Interesting and the description sounds quite good, I’m a bit sceptical because of the pre-bent shape – haven’t tried that one yet.

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