Trendelenburg or Reverse Trendelenburg, is that the question!?

Positioning during RSI is a controversially discussed topic. There are arguments for and against head down or head up positioning on both sides, evidence however is very sparse. There are no recommendations neither in the German-speaking, nor in the big European, North American or Australian Societies for Anesthesia.   I found two recommendations in German-speaking countries: Recommendation […]

The difficult airway – a new perspective

In the #FOAMed world there is a lot of talk about airway management – about difficult airways, algorithms, vortex, apneic oxygenation techniques and much more. In a recent paper in the Western Journal of Emergency Medicine, Mosier et. al. talk about the “physiologically difficult airway” – a very good and nicely written perspective on airway management in the […]

German Prehospital Anesthesia Recommendation

Recently, the German Society of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine (DGAI) has published their first ever Recommendation on prehospital emergency anesthesia. Since in Germany there is a system with both paramedics (currently 2 years of training, just now “upgraded” to 3 years) and a broad availability of prehospital emergency physicians on rapid response vehicles and helicopters […]